Unlike standard pet ID Tags, SAFUR pet tags use a unique ID, specific to your pet that keeps your contact information safe.

How do I register my SAFUR pet tag?
Simple. You don’t have to. We capture all of the information upfront. This is what makes SAFUR Pet tags unique. Most tags, microchips, and tattoos have little to no information and because of this, it takes longer to reunite a pet with its owner. Ok, there is an exception, and although we’d love to be one-on-one friends with all of our FUR friends and their owners, life happens and you may move. If you do, we would love it if you log in and change your account info. Don’t panic, we will send you timely emails to ensure that all of your data is up to date. If not, we will make every effort to work with you to get that information updated.

Are SAFUR Pet ID tags transferrable?
Unfortunately, no they are not. We want to make sure every lost pet that has a SAFUR pet tag gets home safely. Each ID number is specific to the pet you register. If you’d like to register another pet, you will need to purchase another SAFUR Pet ID tag.

What happens if my SAFUR Pet ID tag is lost?
We make every effort to provide you with a top of the line, stainless steel tag, and XX but sometimes we lose things. If this happens to you and your FUR friend, please send us an email at info@safurpets.com and we will replace your tag, one time only, free of charge. We’ll even cover shipping & handling for you so there is no expense to you.

Will the person who finds my lost animal be able to see my personal information?
Only the information that you opt in to share. Typically a telephone number or email address but the choice is yours.

How often will I receive reminder updates if my information is incomplete?
Our goal is to reunite your FUR baby with you as soon as possible, in the event they ever go missing. Our goal is to capture all of your information upfront when you purchase a SAFUR Pet ID tag. In the event that this is incomplete, we will email you within one week reminding you to complete your pet profile. We will continue to send gentle reminders with a goal of once per month for 90 days.

Shipping your order
SAFUR Pet ID tags are mailed within 2 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. If your order is received over a weekend or holiday, it will be processed the next business day.

Exchanges, returns, and refunds
If you are not satisfied with your SAFUR Pet ID tag, please email us and let us know.  We will accept a return, minus any shipping costs within 30 days. Please note, your unique ID and all pet, billing, and personal information will be deleted from our database.

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